TrackR pixel is so light and small you can attach it to anything. We’ve been asking people what they’re planning to track with their new TrackR pixel devices. What will you track with yours? 

“I’m gonna put it on my head lamp. Because there’s nothing more annoying than digging in the dark of my closet looking for it. The LED lights on pixel are perfect for the task!” – Jessica D.

headlamp on chair

I’m putting one on each of my external hard drives!” – Nico R.

hard drives and a cable

“My laptop bag. I haven’t lost it yet, but better safe than sorry. My whole life is in there!” – Elena M.

Green laptop bag

“I’m getting one for each of my remotes!” – Georgie M.

Two remote controls on nightstand

“I’m sewing one inside my toddler’s favorite stuffed animal. (Of course his favorite one is also the smallest one.)” – Abby C.

Stuffed elephant

“My reading glasses case. Because I can never find them when I need them!” – Nico R.

Glasses case on keyboard

“I put one of my TrackR pixels on my keys! I love that I can easily track them down when they’re swimming at the bottom of my backpack. I ring, and it lights up – so it’ s so easy to see!” – Kate M.

TrackR pixel lighting up in a purse


There are so many things you can put your new TrackR pixel on. What are you tracking with your new TrackR pixel? We want to know. Tweet us @TheTrackR and you could be featured on the blog!