What to write in a graduation card

Graduation, what an exciting time of year! Despite all the emotion of graduation, it’s easy to get writer’s block when it comes to actually writing a graduation card.

We think the best approach is simply to offer your own heartfelt advice. So we asked the TrackR community for their best advice for recent grads. Get inspired by their words of wisdom below!

Stay passionate

“Don’t lose your passion. Passion to change the world, passion to work harder than everyone else, passion to learn and grow.” – Mehul A.

“I have more advice than what what I can write in a graduation card! But the main thing I can offer would be to find your passion and don’t let it burn out. Nurture it, even if you can’t always find a way to make money out of it. Do it after work or in those 30 minutes you have in the morning before everyone wakes up. It’s important to find something that brings you joy every day.” – Nancy J.

“It’s important to follow your passion wherever it may lead. I tried following a traditional career route. And as much as I tried to thwart this interest and stay with a traditional position in the schools, my passion got the better of me and I went out on my own to provide assistive technology services and training. While it was a difficult choice, I just found that I could not live with myself if I couldn’t do the work I was intended to do. This has turned out to be a great choice-to follow my passion and have a career of helping students and educators to meet the needs of students with disabilities. So I hope that students will take my advice and follow their passion to create their ‘perfect career.’” – Brian F.

Keep learning

“Read. Read constantly. Read broadly. Keep learning and growing because life is a puzzle that doesn’t come in a box and you don’t know what pieces you’re missing. Remember to keep fighting and trying no matter how long it takes to find success. Some people will tell you Thomas Edison learned a thousand ways not to make a lightbulb, I’ll tell you that Stan Lee didn’t create Spider-Man until he was forty. Stay hungry.” – Ben M.

“Congratulations on this milestone in your life. It is important to note however that this is not the end of your learning experience. Whether your journey ends with a doctoral degree or a career, you will always be learning if you are open to it. Never forget that, and you will succeed in everything you do.” – James C.

Invest for the future

“Invest and take risks! Invest for a better future. Invest your heart, invest your money, and invest in yourself. But most important – remember to DOUBLE DOWN!” – Eric G.

Help out others however you can

“Share the lessons you learned in ways that can benefit the greatest number of people. Share smiles, especially with those who look like they need it most. Do something good for someone every day. Pick up a few pieces of litter that are near you. Thank the workers who get up early to sell your morning cup of coffee before work. Little gestures like these can mean the world to others.” – Brian S.

“I would start off with treat everyone with respect and as a human being. This would be your guide on how you treat others. Keep your mind and body healthy and active. This would be your guide in treating yourself. Lastly, pursue your passion or do what you love the most. If you have no idea, go try new things. This would be your guide in having a purpose in life. Live life well and be happy. Congratulations on your milestone.” – Alfonso C.

Listen to advice – but make your own decisions

“Now that you are venturing into the world know that whatever you do will make a difference in life. You have studied your specific subjects and will be thinking about what is next! Don’t waste your lives is the biggest message I give to you. The world is your oyster and though things may seem hard at some points always remember there are others in much worse positions! Believe in yourselves, listen to everyone’s advice, opinions be they good or bad ! Just take the best elements from that and decide for yourself!” – Phil C.

“Always look a gift horse in the mouth, if it looks too good to be true it usually is!” – Kevin S.

“Congratulations Grads. You have successfully navigated a major milestone of life. You have made your family proud…. Hopefully, you can be proud of your own accomplishments; in what you are taking from your studies and even in what contributions you leave behind. Now, for the ‘BEGINNING’: This, is the start of the new: ‘Choose Your Own Adventure.’ The choices, you make from this point, will shape you, as a person, your future careers and your adult life ahead. Work for a career that you’re passionate about and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” – Ian S.