7 ways to celebrate your grandparents on Grandparents Day

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t realize Grandparents Day was a holiday. But who doesn’t love an excuse to show our grandparents how much we appreciate them?

Our grandparents are always there to give us sugary treats our parents don’t want us to eat, watch all of our plays or little league games and tell us funny stories from “back in their day.”

Are you wondering how you can show your grandparents you appreciate everything they do for you? Here’s a list of things to do to make your grandparents feel special on Grandparents Day!

1. Take them to lunch

Let them pick their favorite restaurant and treat them to a nice meal. They can also enjoy their favorite meal at home. Take their order from their favorite restaurant, pick it up for them, and enjoy a nice meal at home.

2. Have a picnic at a local park

Everyone could benefit from more fresh air. When was the last time you visited a park? Take your grandparents to a nice picnic with all their favorite picnic foods. You’ll all enjoy the time away from television and social media.

3. Watch their favorite movie

Who doesn’t love a classic movie? Get the popcorn and candy ready. Help your grandparents pick their favorite movie and make it a movie night at their house.

4. Make a photo album with them

Your grandparents probably have a great collection of family photographs and memorabilia in their attic. Spend an afternoon sorting through the photos and help them put together some photo albums for the family.

5. Help them out with a household chore

There’s probably some big chores Grandpa or Grandma haven’t been able to get around to lately – everyone’s got that. Help them out by washing the windows, cleaning out the gutters, or doing some other large chore that they need done. They will really appreciate your help.

6. Teach them how to use technology

I’m the go-to IT person in my family, and I understand how frustrating the experience can be. However, it’s always worth it when my family members are able to use their phone, tablet, or computer. Take some time to teach your grandparents how to use their tech devices. You’d be surprised at how savvy they can become!

7. Spend some quality time with them

You don’t have to plan an elaborate event to spend time with your grandparents. They would just like to spend some time with you! Make an effort to visit and hang out. And that means stopping by more than once a year for Grandparents Day!

No matter what you’re doing with your grandparents, they’re going to be thrilled to spend time with you. And you can show them you care beyond Grandparents day with a TrackR item tracker. Learn more about the Family Sharing feature here.