TrackR is proud to partner with companies who are creating attractive products that do more than just look good – they make your everyday life easier, too.

That’s because they have TrackR embedded in them. If a TrackR-enabled product goes missing, open the TrackR app to make it ring.

Check out these great gift ideas for that special person in your life who cares as much about function as they do about form.

1. Issara clutch

Issara offers elegant designs you can feel good about investing in. All of Issara’s beautifully handcrafted leather bags offer the option to embed a TrackR device.

If you gift someone an Issara, it’s a gift to last a lifetime. Not only because of Issara’s fine craftsmanship but because TrackR will ensure it never goes missing.

Woman holding Issara tangerine clutch

Crafted from soft milled leather and lined with cotton twill, the Issara Clutch features a zippered pouch, card slots and elegant wristlet for easy carrying.

Also available in tangerine, black, mocha and cognac. Personalize your Issara gift by adding a hand-pressed monogram in gold or silver foil, or in class embossed letters.


2. EKSTER® smart wallets

EKSTER® wallets are sleek and smart. EKSTER® combines luxurious leather craftsmanship with the latest technology to keep your wallet – and everything inside it – secure.

Brown leather wallet with credit cards

TrackR technology is integrated into each EKSTER® wallet, making them impossible to lose. They also feature RFID/NFC-blocking technology to protect your cards from wireless skimming and data theft. A spring-loaded mechanism allows you to access your cards with the click of a button.

Available in coffee brown, cognac, black and steel blue.

Buy the EKSTER® Parliament wallet with TrackR – $109.00


3. Ultion KeyRings

Smart keys with multicolor caps


What better gift than the gift of knowing you’ll never lose your keys? If you know someone with Ultion locks in their house, get their Ultion keys upgraded with Ultion KeyRings.

The Ultion KeyRing is a lightweight keycap that contains TrackR technology. Pair the keys with your phone and use the TrackR app to ring them or track their last known location.

Available throughout the UK in eight different color combinations.

Buy the Ultion KeyRing upgrade – £29.95


4. TrackR bravo

Camera with silver TrackR bravo attached

And finally, pair each of your gifts with a TrackR bravo item tracker so they never get lost!


Don’t overthink the perfect gift. You can never go wrong with TrackR pixel. It’s the perfect way to show your forgetful loved one you care or upgrade an amazing gift they won’t want to lose — like new car keys or a designer bag.

Bundle up and save with the TrackR pixel 5-pack. Learn more here.