Dave is a disorganized kind of guy. His desk is covered in papers. The top of his dresser is cluttered with receipts, the odd power tool, extension cords and half-empty bottles of sunblock from vacation (seven months ago).

And it was all taking its toll on the relationship with his girlfriend Gaby

Dave and Gaby have been together over three years. They moved in together last year.

“At the beginning there were surprises for both of us,” says Dave. “It was a big change. I think for some reason she thought I wouldn’t leave my dirty socks on the floor once we were sharing a bedroom. And for some reason I thought she wouldn’t care!”

Growing pains

But one of the biggest sources of tension in their cohabitation had to do with their morning routine.

“I drop Gaby off at work every morning,” says Dave. “Which is very convenient for her – and it helps us both save on gas. But I have this terrible problem: I can never find my keys.”

This problem is made worse by the fact that Gaby is a schoolteacher and can’t afford to be late.

“This was the routine about once or even twice a week,” says Dave. “I’d run around the house, looking for my keys, desperate, sweating – literally tearing the furniture apart. Emptying out my entire briefcase on the floor. Meanwhile Gaby is almost hysterical, telling me what time it is in two-minute increments. Dave, it’s 7:15. It’s 7:17. It’s 7:19!

So simple, it’s absurd

But all that changed, says Dave, the day that Gaby saw an ad for TrackR bravo.

“Maybe it sounds dramatic,” he says. “But I think TrackR bravo saved our relationship.”

Gaby gave the TrackR bravo to Dave as a surprise gift.

“I think her exact words were, ‘I love you and we need this.’”

Since then, both Dave and Gaby say, their mornings are a lot smoother. No more running around, no more stress. Dave always knows where his keys are. And Gaby hasn’t been late since.

“It’s so simple, it’s absurd,” he says.