Clever packing tips for summer travel

Are you a last-minute packer? We get it. Packing is stressful. It’s overwhelming. Are you packing too much? Too little? Did you pack the right things? (And where is your passport?!) With these quick packing tips you’ll pack more efficiently so you can have more time to get excited for your trip.

Hat, sunglasses, map on blue wood table

1. Make a packing list.

And check it twice.  Start your packing process early by making a list of everything you’ll need for your trip. Try writing it down a couple of weeks before your trip to give yourself time to pick up the important items. You’ll avoid overpaying for items later on. Because the best packing list is the one done in advance.

Woman packing suitcase on bed

2. Use packing aids.

Think compression packs or packing cubes. These not only help to minimize the space needed but they also help you stay organized throughout your trip. You’ll quickly be able to find your favorite beach cover-up instead of going through layers of different clothes, shoes and accessories. In a pinch, resealable freezer bags are a great way to organize your smaller items.

Open suitcase packed with eyeglasses, camera, charging cables

3. Pack for the location.

When you’re choosing what you’ll put in your suitcase, really ask yourself if you need four different pairs of pants (unlikely) or nine different T-shirts (doubtful). Think about your agenda. If you know you’ll be walking around Italy’s cobblestone streets, it’s probably safe to say you don’t need multiple pairs of high heels. And if you know you’re heading someplace where you’ll want to do some shopping, make sure to pack accordingly – and leave extra room in your bag.

Hand putting passport in pocket

4. Keep essentials close.

Use a separate pouch to hold your headphones, wallet, passport, e-reader and phone. Add the TrackR pixel to your pouch and your essentials will always be close at hand. You’ll spend less time worrying about where you put your wallet and passport and more time enjoying your trip.


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