Yesterday I lost my Cross Peerless TrackR pen.

My first reaction was denial.

I couldn’t have misplaced it! Come on. I use it all the time. My beautiful Cross pen. I looked around my desk and bag a few times before popping open my TrackR app.

The app showed the last known location as that morning at 8:45AM at Carrillo and Chapala – right around the corner from the office. Ok. So it was most likely somewhere at work. “I’ll find it soon,” I thought.


That morning as I went to meetings, I kept my TrackR app open and waited for the Distance Indicator to show me I was getting closer, but it never did. So I turned on Crowd Locate notifications.

At 11:10AM, I received an update giving me the same location as that morning – Carrillo and Chapala. So it HAD to be at work.  I continued my search and even made it over to building 3 to drop off some paperwork and still no luck. What the heck! Why couldn’t I find it?

That’s when the anger started flowing. I went into our backend database and confirmed there wasn’t a bug showing incorrect locations. To my relief, everything checked out. Feeling guilty for having doubted our backend, I made sure to compliment the engineering team when I got back to my desk.

Where was my pen? I took a deep breath and tried to accept that my pen was – somehow – lost for the time being.

That evening I arrived home and received another location update. But this time it was for the same address as…my house.

“It’s following me!” I thought.

Now I knew I could at least narrow my search down to either my laptop bag or my car. I walked out to the driveway. Eureka! The Distance Indicator showed it was nearby.

I rang the pen and followed the sound.

And there it was, safe and sound, tucked into the side of the driver’s seat. Another day, another mystery solved.


cross trackr pen in car


The Cross Peerless TrackR pen is now available on or in retail stores throughout Europe and the US. 

Seth and Cross pen