Drones, droids, hoverboards and VR headsets… The season’s coolest toys are either made to walk away on their own or tend to end up wandering off in someone else’s hands! There’s no worse feeling than a new high-tech toy going missing

A few high-tech toys offer their own tracking technology. But what about the stuff you know is likely to get lost without a trace? Here are a few easy precautions to take.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a drone!

Drones and remote-controlled airplanes can wind up in some hard-to-see places: in a tree, hidden by brush or simply buried in a box of gear.

The maker of this video found a way to track down his drone when it lands in high grass or a bush. With a small Bluetooth tracker attached to the drone, he was able to easily locate it after it landed in a tricky place.

The lightweight, coin-sized TrackR bravo comes with a strong adhesive so you can stick it on any flying toy. When it lands, track it down with your phone and make the TrackR bravo ring loudly.


How to keep tabs on your robot

Robot toys like Hatchimals and Cozmo are fun because they’re so lifelike. But as realistic as they may seem, they don’t always come when you call them!

What to do when your robot plays hide and seek so well you can’t find him again?

TrackR bravo fits perfectly on the base of a Hatchimal or can be attached to the arm of your Cozmo, using its metal key ring.

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Image copyright: zinkevych / 123RF Stock Photo

Image copyright: zinkevych / 123RF Stock Photo