Reunited with items we love: 3 stories

You know that sinking feeling when you realize you’ve lost a beloved item? It’s terrible.

But that moment when you are reunited with it? Pure magic. 

And if you’ve ever gotten an item back because it had a TrackR bravo attached to it, well, you know there’s an added bonus: you feel pretty smart.

Here are three stories of people who thought a beloved item was lost forever, then found it again, thanks to TrackR bravo.


Lovey the lost elephant

For small children, stuffed animals aren’t toys, they’re friends. If a favorite one goes missing, it’s nothing short of tragic.

That’s why we were so excited to read about Hannah.

Hannah’s three-year-old son is very attached to a stuffed elephant. His name is Lovey.

(The stuffed elephant, not the three-year-old.)

Stuffed toy elephant

Hannah says:

“We were pretty desperate after the last time we lost Lovey. We vowed to never go through that again. Luckily my husband – who is obsessed with TrackR – had the brilliant idea to sew a TrackR bravo into Lovey’s stuffing. Usually, we find Lovey under the couch or buried by piles of laundry. But this weekend, he just wasn’t turning up. Things were reaching crisis mode. Thank goodness for TrackR bravo! We traced Lovey to the backseat of my in-laws’ car. You should’ve seen the look on my son’s face.”

We’re SO glad TrackR could help Lovey and Hannah’s son be reunited.


Carolyn’s camel hair coat

A lot of people have lucky charms – a rabbit’s foot, a baseball glove. Maybe a special pair of socks.

Carolyn has a camel hair coat.

“I know this is going to sound insane,” she writes. “But you’d be surprised how hard it is to find a coat exactly this color.”

Wool coat on a chair

Carolyn is a trial lawyer. She says the coat has brought her lots of good luck.

“In general I’m a rational person,” says Carolyn. “But when it comes to trial, I have some weird superstitions. The camel hair coat is a fundamental part of my trial routine. I must wear the camel hair coat to court! Or else.”

Fortunately, after one close call, Carolyn was smart enough to tuck a TrackR bravo into the inside pocket of her coat. It was a good thing, too, because she recently forgot her coat behind at a meeting.

“I panicked for a few seconds before I remembered that’s precisely what I had the TrackR bravo for. I got the coat back later that day. My legal career can continue!”


The wandering ukulele

Nick’s a musician. His preferred instrument is the piano, but since he can’t take it over to friends’ houses to jam, he’ll take his ukulele instead. Unfortunately, says Nick, he has the same problem with his ukulele that he has with umbrellas: he tends to forget it.

Ukulele on a table

Nick says:

“Thanks to TrackR bravo, I never have to wonder where my ukulele is. I was so bummed out when I lost my last uke. I love my new one and now I won’t lose it. THANKS TrackR!”

We’re thrilled we could help, Nick!


Have you ever used a TrackR to keep tabs on something you love? Let us know on Twitter @TheTrackR