High-quality, innovative products that use TrackR technology to keep them safe.


Cross creates luxury writing instruments that warrant state-of-the-art protection. Designed by artisans, the exquisite Cross Peerless pen has embedded TrackR technology to keep it safe. Cross also offers a leather pen pouch, sold with TrackR bravo device and dedicated pocket.

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Ultion Keys and heavy duty secure locking systems with TrackR integration are sold throughout the UK. Personalize your keys with Ultion Keyring, a key upgrade that contains an embedded TrackR device.Available in a variety of color combinations.

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EKSTER Wallets are integrated with TrackR technology to create a wallet that’s difficult to lose. This partnership with TrackR raised over $1.3M on Indiegogo.

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Ravean Wallet

Makers of heated clothing and ultra-light minimalist accessories, Ravean offers carbon fiber wallets with built-in TrackR protection. Ravean is another crowd-funding success story, with $1.33 million raised on Kickstarter, and another $200,000 on Indiegogo.

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