Flowers and chocolates are always nice to receive, but they don’t last long. Give the gift of a TrackR bravo tracking device, though, and you’re guaranteed a year-round place in that person’s heart!

Each time your significant other, mom or BFF uses their TrackR device to find their car keys, they’ll think of you. Aw. You’ll be a hero, over and over.

Want extra credit? Make their TrackR bravo device one of a kind.

With our custom image printing service, you can upload any picture you like and we’ll print it on your TrackR bravo. Voila, your gift is instantly practical, beautiful and unique.

In need of inspiration? Here are a few fun suggestions for customizing your TrackR bravo gift.

A beloved pet

TrackR bravo with an image of a pug printed on it

This one is a great idea no matter whether her pet is dearly departed or just waiting at home. Catching a glimpse of its cute face every time she reaches for her bag is guaranteed to make your sweetheart happy.


Your school portrait

TrackR bravo with a little girl's portrait printed on it

What’s an easy way to make Mom smile? Give her a TrackR bravo bearing your adorable kindergarten grin.


A prized possession

TrackR bravo with a motorcycle printed on it

Surprise him with a TrackR bravo printed with his truck, motorcycle, guitar – or whatever object he loves so much he’s actually given it a nickname.


Favorite vacation destination

TrackR bravo with Key West printed on it

Whether it’s the beach, the mountains or an exotic locale, we all need something to look forward to.



For a classy touch, have her initials printed on her TrackR bravo.


An inside joke

TrackR bravo with "Pizza, beer, foosball" printed on it

Nothing shows the bond between two people like a series of words that look like nonsense to everyone else, but make the two of you crack up.


Something you’re saving up for together

It could be a picture of a car, your dream house or the color sample for the paint you’re planning to use when you finally redo the kitchen.


Valentine’s Day is about showing your appreciation for someone who’s important to you. And TrackR bravo is for the items that are important to us. It’s just a symbolic link, but we think it’s a nice one. After all, TrackR bravo is there to simplify your life. What better way to show someone you care?