Christine met her dog Puka when a friend scooped up baby Puka from a bench at a Los Angeles bus stop. “It was just an instant connection,” says Christine.

At first she thought the puppy would need surgery because of her cleft lip. “That was the main reason [my friend] even noticed her. But she didn’t. It was just cosmetic and it was super cute.”

That was six years ago. Christine and Puka have been inseparable ever since. A professional photo retoucher, Christine works from home, so she and Puka keep each other company.

Her apartment complex has an open courtyard where Puka loves to hang out, but sometimes neighbors leave the gate open.

That’s why Christine was interested in using the TrackR bravo.

With a TrackR bravo on Puka’s collar, Christine doesn’t have to worry if Puka has gotten out. “I just look on my phone and make sure she’s still there. I can work at my computer without getting up every ten minutes!”


Best friends

Puka and Christine really do everything together, including go on vacation. They’ve traveled all over the country. “She’s probably been to more states than a lot of my friends,” Christine says.

She loves Puka’s curious personality. “You put a bag of groceries or anything on the ground – her head is in there!” Christine says. “She’s way too adventurous.”

Using the TrackR bravo has been great for when they’re out hiking on the trails. When Puka’s off leash, she loves to explore. With the TrackR bravo, Christine says, “I’m not stressed as much. Let her go over the hill!”


Saving the magical unicorns

But one of the coolest things Christine and Puka do together is help find permanent, loving homes for former street dogs like Puka.

Christine volunteers for a local non-profit called A Purposeful Rescue. Their mission is to save the “magical unicorns” – what they call the dogs who get overlooked at shelters. Often they don’t get as much attention because they’re older dogs or have medical needs.

rescue dog dressed up as a unicorn
Puka the unicorn.

A Purposeful Rescue works hard to take care of each dog’s outstanding health issues before placing them with an adoptive family.

Thanks to Puka’s massive following on Instagram, Christine has been able to help spread the word about the dogs of A Purposeful Rescue. She also takes photos at adoption events for the Rescue’s website.

Recently, one of her favorite dogs, Princess Leia, got adopted by a family who met her at an adoption event and fell in love.

Princess Leia the dog and fans
Princess Leia surrounded by fans.

“They were obsessed with her. I couldn’t even take her away – I was just trying to get a picture of her and they were just always there!” Christine says.

A Purposeful Rescue’s current fundraiser ends on February 9. A registered non-profit run entirely on donations and volunteer effort, they pull dogs from shelters around L.A. Click here to make a donation via PayPal. Or you can send items from their Amazon Wish List here. Christine is also raffling off TrackR bravo devices to people who donate through her Instagram page!


Read more adoption success stories from A Purposeful Rescue here. You can follow Christine and Puka’s adventures on Instagram @chilberg. A big thank you to Christine and Puka for sharing their story! 


All images courtesy of @chilberg.