Graduation marks the beginning of exciting new adventures – as well as boring new responsibilities! When picking out a graduation gift, you want something both fun and practical. If you have no idea where to begin, start with this list.

1. Bluetooth headphones

Pair of Bluetooth headphones on wooden table

Welcome to the working world, here are some headphones to block out the sounds of your coworkers. But seriously, wireless headphones are the perfect gift for music lovers – and are useful for tuning out the myriad distractions of modern life. There are models available at all different price points.

2. Camera

Vintage camera

For the digital generation, what’s more exotic than an actual SLR? Whether it’s digital or film, it’s a lot better than a phone! We all know that kids today are very visual, always snapping pics on their phones to share on social networks like Instagram and Snapchat. Getting a dedicated camera is a chance to really learn how photography works and to take a break from their phones.

3. Carry-on rolling suitcase

Carry-on rolling suitcase in living room

As anyone over the age of 30 knows, there is nothing worse than having a bad back. Help your graduate avoid this fate with a nice rolling suitcase. The world is their oyster! A high-quality piece of luggage will help them travel wherever they want without stress – and they’ll look good, too.

4. Multiple power banks

Power bank plugged into smart phone and charging
© baloon111 / 123RF Stock Photo

Your graduate’s biggest fear? That their cell phone’s battery will die when there’s nowhere to plug it in. When you’re out and about all day and night, using your phone the whole time, this is a real danger! We guarantee your grad would love to receive a pack of three portable battery chargers. That way, they can go to interviews, listen to music, answer emails and check the news, and never run out of juice. That’s worth a lot.

5. Coffee maker

Coffee maker on stovetop

What are the two most important ingredients for success? Ambition and coffee. Lots of coffee. But all that caffeine can get expensive! Help them keep costs down by treating them to their very own grown-up coffee maker.

6. Books

Books on the beach

Even if your grad is choosing to continue on to further education, they’ll still appreciate some books that are unrelated to a course of study. Giving someone a book is very personal. Inscribe it to make it special. Share a book that has changed your life, and it’s sure to have the same effect on them as well.

7. Briefcase


What’s one of the biggest changes in adulthood? It’s (mostly) no longer acceptable to carry a backpack. Get your graduate something respectable to carry their laptop and papers around in! They’ll look more mature. They’ll feel more confident. And they’ll do better at job interviews.

8. Tablet

Tablet by the pool

The beauty of giving a tablet as a gift is that it can be used for so many things! They can take it with them on their post-graduation vacation to watch movies. Or they can read books on it while commuting to their cool new job in the big city.

9. TrackR pixel Grad Pack

White suitcase with aqua TrackR pixel

They’ll probably receive a lot of great graduation gifts. But how to keep track of them all? Give them the Grad Pack. The Grad Pack contains the all-new TrackR pixel in four bright colors: red, green, aqua and pink. Stick or hook ’em onto to a briefcase, tablet or suitcase – even a battery charger. They’ll love being able to track all their important items with their phones. Fun and practical!




Photo (top): © auremar / 123RF Stock Photo