Are you feeling lost? We’re here to help. Consult the glossary of TrackR Words to Know.

Alexa skill

An Alexa skill is a capability of Amazon Alexa-enabled devices that lets you interact with your devices by voice. TrackR’s top-rated Find My Phone skill is available for free.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. The Find My Phone skill is a hands-free way for you to know the location of your phone.


An app is a lightweight computer program users can download onto a smartphone or tablet. TrackR devices work with the TrackR app, which allows you to ring and find your important items using your phone.


Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology used to connect electronic devices to each other. All TrackR devices rely on Bluetooth to communicate with the TrackR app. It’s one of the most important permissions to enable when you’re setting up your TrackR device.

Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

BLE is an energy-efficient version of Bluetooth designed for the Internet of Things.  

Bluetooth range

TrackR item location devices communicate with the TrackR cloud when they are within Bluetooth range of a TrackR app user’s phone. When obstacles, such as furniture or walls, are present, range is diminished.

Crowd Locate

TrackR’s Crowd Locate feature uses crowd-sourced technology to help users recover lost items. Unlike a live GPS device, there is no monthly fee. If you lose something outside Bluetooth range, the connected TrackR community will automatically and anonymously start searching for it.  No one knows your item is lost except for you.

custom alarm sound

In the TrackR app, users can set a custom alarm sound for Separation Alerts.

Distance Indicator

In the TrackR app, the Distance Indicator shows you when you’re getting closer and farther away from your misplaced item. It kicks in once the TrackR device is within Bluetooth range of the phone it’s paired to. 

Family Sharing

Family Sharing is a TrackR app feature that allows multiple TrackR devices to be tracked by multiple people. It’s perfect for shared items like car keys, the TV remote – even the family pet.


Firmware is a type of software that controls electronic devices. When TrackR devices are paired with a smartphone, their firmware is updated regularly for better functioning.


GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigational system that relies on satellite signals to pinpoint the location of an enabled device. Because it needs access to multiple satellites, GPS is less accurate in urban areas or indoors, where walls or buildings obstruct signals. Consumer GPS devices, like the mobile navigation systems designed for cars, require regular battery charging and charge users monthly fees.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a term used to describe networks of household appliances, gadgets, vehicles, etc. that contain technologies that enable them to send and receive information, usually Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These items are also commonly referred to as connected devices or smart devices

Item Ringer

All the TrackR devices work with the Item Ringer feature in the TrackR app. Just attach the TrackR device to any item you wouldn’t want to lose. Tap the Item Ringer button in the TrackR app to make your TrackR device ring so you can locate your item.

Item Settings

This is an option in the right menu of the TrackR app from which you can modify and view information about each item, including item name, item icon, missing item notifications, battery level, Separation Alerts and TrackR device firmware.

last known location

To find your lost or missing item, instead of retracing your steps, simply view your item’s last known location in the TrackR app. As long as the TrackR app is running, it will remember where your tracked item has been. And if another TrackR user passes within Bluetooth range of your missing item, your item’s location will anonymously be updated in the TrackR app.

Location Services

Location Services is a setting on iOS that allows apps and websites to determine your approximate location using information from cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

When you give permission, Location Services allows the TrackR app to track the location of your TrackR device so you can know the last known location of your item if you lose it away from your phone. On Android this functionality is referred to as Location.

Notification Settings

In the TrackR app for iPhone, under Item SettingsNotification Settings can be toggled on to receive push notifications when a lost item has been found via Crowd Locate.

Phone Finder

All TrackR devices have the Phone Finder feature. When you can’t find your phone, just press the button on your TrackR device to make your phone ring. It works even if your phone is on silent.

Push notifications

Push notifications are alerts sent from mobile apps that pop up on the locked screen of your smartphone. You don’t have to be actively using an app to receive push notifications. TrackR app users can receive push notifications when Crowd Locate finds a lost item.

Separation Alerts

Separation Alerts keep you from accidentally leaving your item behind. Turn them on to receive an alert when the Bluetooth connection between you and your tracked item breaks, so you can go back and quickly grab your item.

They can also be enabled for your phone, so if you accidentally leave your phone behind, their TrackR device will start ringing to alert you.

You can also set up Wi-Fi Safe Zones to turn off Separation Alerts while you’re inside your home or office, so your bag doesn’t start ringing every time you get up from your desk.

Silent mode

Silent mode is a phone setting that prevents your phone from ringing, replacing it with either vibration or just an onscreen alert.


Smartphones are mobile phones, such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, designed for use with the Internet. They have large touch screens and are optimized for reading and composing emails, browsing the web and using mobile apps.

Wi-Fi Safe Zones

Wi-Fi Safe Zones allow TrackR app users to disable Separation Alerts while connected to specified Wi-Fi networks. For example, Wi-Fi Safe Zones could be enabled to avoid having Separation Alerts alert you at home whenever you walk out of Bluetooth range of your briefcase.