TrackR FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

TrackR devices work with the TrackR app, which you can download for free on your iPhone or Android phone. TrackR devices use Bluetooth® to communicate with the TrackR app. The location of your TrackR devices is constantly updated using Bluetooth and your phone's approximate location.

If your TrackR device is out of Bluetooth range (100-180 ft., depending on the TrackR device), you can see its last known location in the TrackR app. If you still can't find your item, Crowd Locate can help you track it down.

All TrackR devices use replaceable batteries – and it's easy to change them. You can check the battery level of your TrackR device in the TrackR app.

Crowd Locate is TrackR's crowd-sourced technology. It helps you recover items you lose far away from your phone, outside Bluetooth range. It's automatic and 100% anonymous – no one knows your item is lost except for you. If another TrackR app user comes within Bluetooth range of your item, you'll receive a push notification. Just swipe to view the area where your item was spotted. 

See how strong Crowd Locate is in your area.

Each member of the TrackR family has a different look and shape, but they are all Bluetooth trackers made to help you find your things in seconds. And all TrackR devices are designed to last, with replaceable batteries.

TrackR pixel (Available Spring 2017) TrackR pixel is light and bright. Made of lightweight, sturdy plastic, TrackR pixel is not only small enough to attach to anything, it also lights up and flashes brightly when you ring it! With TrackR pixel, you can quickly find objects even in hard to see places. It's also available in an array of fun seasonal colors.

TrackR bravo is slim and sleek. Coin sized and made of anodized aluminum construction, it's thin and durable so you can attach it to anything: keys, wallet, bag, laptop, even your cat. And it's customizable. Print your favorite image or have your initials engraved on it. Also available: accessories. Add on a water resistant sleeve or metal carabiner and take your TrackR bravo outdoors.

TrackR wallet is credit-card sized. Designed to slip into a bag, wallet or suitcase, TrackR wallet is an easy way to keep track of belongings that are hard to replace.

TrackR sticker is one of the earliest members of the TrackR product suite. It's sturdy and lightweight. You can stick the TrackR sticker onto almost any item you can think of – bicycles, power tools, even textbooks!

TrackR is compatible with most smartphones on the market today – both Android and iPhone. TrackR works with:

  • iPhone 4S and later
  • Android 4.4 and later


TrackR devices can be shared with family and friends, as long as those you are sharing with have a compatible phone and have downloaded the free TrackR app. Although users cannot connect two phones to one TrackR devices simultaneously, multiple TrackR devices may be connected to one phone at a time. If you are purchasing a TrackR multi-pack and would like to give away some of the devices to a friend or family member, please feel free!

Although multiple users cannot connect to the same TrackR devices simultaneously, you can connect multiple TrackR devices to a single phone at the same time. And of course, if you are purchasing a TrackR multi-pack, you can give away some of those TrackR devices to whoever you want!

iPhone: Pair up to 10 TrackR devices at a time.

Android: Depends on phone model. See the chart below. Don't see your phone? Shoot us an email at


Phone make/model# of paired TrackR devices
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 6
Samsung Galaxy S7 6
Samsung Galaxy S6 7
Samsung Galaxy S5 4 to 7, depending on OS
Google Nexus 5X 7
Sony Xperia A4 10
Sony Xperia X Performance 6
Sony Xperia Z3 10
Sony Xperia Z4 10
Sony Xperia Z5 10

TrackR does not hold current plans to extend support to phones other than iOS and Android 4.4 devices. For updates, please stay tuned to @TheTrackR on Twitter. We appreciate your interest in TrackR products!

We’re excited to hear that many companies have created alternative solutions within this area of technology since we launched our first intelligent item-tracking device in 2010.

With TrackR you don't need to order a new device every year because the battery is easily replaceable. TrackR has two-way finding capabilities so you can also locate your misplaced phone. And because we offer both iOS and Android support, our Crowd Locate network is larger so you get more updates about where your lost items are.

TrackR remains the leader in crowd-sourced technology, with the largest crowd network to date: Crowd Locate.

TrackR is intended to locate lost or misplaced items. Unfortunately, at this time we do not not recommend TrackR for use on human beings. We would advise that you use a live GPS tracking service instead.

Nope, TrackR costs nothing extra to use. The TrackR app is free to download in the Apple App Store or in Google Play Store, TrackR's Find My Phone skill for Amazon Alexa is also totally free.

TrackR devices are water-resistant, not waterproof. So unfortunately, they can't be submerged in water, but are able to withstand light moisture.

For TrackR bravo we offer a water-resistant case, great for active TrackR users looking to keep their TrackR bravo devices protected from the elements.

The battery life of TrackR devices depends on usage, with an average maximum lifespan of one year.

All TrackR devices have replaceable batteries. TrackR sticker, TrackR wallet and TrackR pixel use CR2016 batteries. TrackR bravo uses a CR1620 battery.

You can quickly order replacement batteries from TrackR, at a discounted cost for our customers!

If your device arrived with a dead battery, please email and put "BATTERIES DOA" in the subject line. We'll be in touch with you ASAP.

Yes, TrackR devices work in every corner of the globe as long as you have a compatible smartphone! We ship internationally for just $10.

To see how strong Crowd Locate is in your area, check out our map.

For refunds or exchanges, please send a request to and provide a reason for refund/exchange and detailed information regarding your order. Unfortunately, we can't process any returned items received by TrackR without prior notification by email. So please send us an email before mailing your product. All returns/exchanges must be postmarked no more than 30 days after your request has been authorized and include a completed TrackR Return/Exchange Form.

You can read our return policy here.

Thanks for your interest in TrackR products! Please fill out  this application and a TrackR rep will be in contact shortly.

Remember that all merchandise sold directly through is for consumers only and may not be re-sold. Thanks!

Each TrackR device is individually placed in eco-friendly packaging, then shipped in a padded envelope.

Nope, TrackR devices use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. However, if you lose your TrackR device outside Bluetooth range and want to track it down, you can see its last known location in the TrackR app on your phone.

We ship around the world! Check out the average delivery time in your country:

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Currently, we do not ship to the following countries: Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Guatemala, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (N. Korea), Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Republic of Macedonia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.