EKSTER will keep you organized and make you cool

Until recently, the modern man had few options if he wanted to carry an elegant, high-tech wallet that could make him feel like James Bond. Luckily for men everywhere, EKSTER® stepped up to create a line of sleek and innovative smart wallets.

We’ve been so excited to partner with EKSTER as part of our works with TrackR program. With its minimalist profile and premium top-grain leather, not only does an EKSTER wallet look great, it’s optimized to protect your valuables, thanks to embedded TrackR technology and RFID blocking. It also has a special quick card access mechanism. Just press a button and your credit cards will pop out like a switchblade. 

Ekster wallet and TrackR app on smartphone held by man
En garde!

Now the latest EKSTER innovation to work with TrackR is the solar-powered EKSTER Tracker Card.

It’s an item tracker that you can slip inside any wallet to make it trackable with your smartphone. And you never have to worry about the battery running low because its solar panels charge it up quickly.

Ekster Tracker Card and smartphone with TrackR app

From Amsterdam, where EKSTER is based, founder Olivier Momma talked to us about how EKSTER got started and where he sees the future of fashion and technology integration.

TrackR Team: What does EKSTER do for its customers?

Olivier Momma: We provide innovative solutions for organized access. Our mission is to safeguard your daily accessories in the most stylish manner.

TT: What brought you to the idea of using TrackR in your wallets?

OM: We wanted to bring the traditional wallet up to modern standards. The best way to do this is by integrating technology to keep your valuables safe. As a leader in the item tracker space, partnering with TrackR is what makes EKSTER wallets the smartest wallets to date!

Ekster founder Olivier Momma
Olivier Momma

TT: What inspired you to start EKSTER?

OM: It came out of personal need. I wanted to stop fumbling through my wallet to find the right card. Not to mention that today security is a huge concern, with RFID skimming on the rise. With the Tracker Card, it just seemed clear that it was important to come up with a flexible solution using alternative energy. We hope we’re making a change in the industry.

As for the name… Here in the Netherlands a common bird is the magpie– ekster in Dutch. Magpies are often referred to as thieves because they love to track down shiny objects, like jewelry or coins!

TT: What’s been the response to the Tracker Card so far?

OM: It’s been really positive. People love the design, and of course being able to be free of batteries. They also like the size – it’s handy for a lot of different things. People put it in their bags, attach it to key carriers, etc.

TT: What does the current landscape of fashion and technology look like to you?

OM: The “luxury tech” or “fashion tech” industry is huge right now and is only going to grow further. Everything is becoming more and more connected, so why not make technology fashionable?

Check out the full line of EKSTER smart wallets and accessories here.