Some people are not just neat, but super duper organized.

We all know someone like that – the type of person who never complains about tidying up because they never let anything get messy in the first place.  They can’t help but unpack a suitcase the moment they return home from a trip. Their socks are organized by color and their desk is always spotless. They never ever double book or show up late – because their every waking minute is ruled by Google Calendar reminders.

And then some of us are…the opposite.

Not slightly messy, but actual messes. All the time. We’re the types of people who seem to be always running late, who lose library books, who have to ask our spouses where our keys are – every morning. We’re the kind of people who only see the color of our bedroom rug when it’s laundry day.

For those of us who are naturally disorganized, the daily management of little everyday things can be incredibly stressful.

There’s no need to go overboard though. We don’t need to be perfect. Here are a few best practices to get a better handle on your chaotic tendencies.

Do use small zippered pouches for everything.

Airline crew and other frequent travelers swear by this method. Invest in some zippered pouches and use them to stash different categories of small items that you might need to take with you. Make one with the essentials (keys, wallet, lip balm), one especially for work (pens, work badge, water bottle), one for the gym, one for travel, and one for walking around on the weekend (sunglasses, water bottle). Don’t be shy about doubling up on items so you don’t have to shuffle anything around. Just grab the pouch you need, throw it in your bag and you always have what you need for any occasion.

In the drugstore, you can usually even find clear zippered pouches, which are ideal because you can see exactly what’s inside!

Don’t go shopping without a list.

This is a surefire way to arrive home with a bunch of things you don’t need, and none of the things you do.

Do keep a calendar, even if it’s just part-time.

This one may seem obvious, but it’s easy to think about keeping up a calendar and never get around to actually doing it. For some disorganized people, it’s intimidating to keep up a calendar because we think we might not be able to remember to add everything to it. But experts recommend just using a calendar as much as you can. Use it as a place to stash reminders, not the complete schedule of your whole entire life.

Don’t keep receipts in your wallet.

We always have the best intentions when we tuck those little receipts into our wallet, but it can easily spiral out of control, and before you know it, you can barely close your wallet because it’s so stuffed. Nowadays a lot of vendors – like those using Square – make it easy to opt for an email receipt instead. If you’re wary about giving out your email address, set up a dedicated account just for receipts and have it automatically forward to your main account. If you ever need to find the receipt afterwards, it’s way easier to do a text search than to dig through a mountain of paper.

Do put a TrackR bravo on your keys.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your keys. We need them every day and unfortunately, they’re small, flat and easy to set down in a random location and then forget all about them. But with TrackR bravo, you can rest easy. When you can’t find your keys, just find them by using your smartphone to make them ring. It also works two ways. If you can’t find your phone, just grab your keys and press the button on the TrackR bravo to make it ring. And because it’s so thin and light, you can put TrackR bravo on any item you misplace frequently – your bag, the remote, even your wallet. In an ideal world, we’d always keep our keys in the same place and never lose them, but this ensures that we can find them even when the chaos of life gets in the way.


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