Here at TrackR HQ, we’ve got TrackR devices attached to anything we need around the office – from staplers to iPads.

At home, the number of things you can put a TrackR device on is equally limitless. It seems there’s always another item we need to keep track of.

What cool stuff did we score this holiday season? Here’s just a few of the gifts the TrackR team said they’re going to need to put a TrackR device on.


Green diary with padlock

Erica from Operations got a super cool diary with a lock from her sister. “It’s awesome. It brings me back to my teenage years. But I’m putting a TrackR bravo on it – the fact that it has a lock on it is only going to make it look like there’s something juicy inside. I need to keep tabs on it!” Erica told us. “Also, I once left a journal on a train by mistake. I lost it forever. Lesson learned.”


Yellow electric drill

Tony from Sales got a nifty new drill. “It’s yellow,” says Tony. “That’s going to help it stick out when it eventually gets buried in the mess that is my garage. But I use it all the time. It’s annoying to have to search for it constantly. So I slapped a black TrackR bravo on it right away.”

Brown leather purse


Katie from Customer Support got a lovely leather purse from her roommate. She hung a rose gold TrackR bravo from the strap. “I put TrackR bravo devices on all my bags and purses, unless they’re ugly to begin with. But this one I don’t want to lose! My roommate is the best.”


Black cat peeking out

But which gift takes the cake? Bob from Marketing got a cute black kitten for Christmas! “I named her Catrina. Catrina the cat. She got trapped in the laundry room on Christmas morning,” he told us. “A TrackR bravo around her neck is now a must!”




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