Grant Hanson, TrackR’s VP of Global Sales, had a problem. His slippers kept turning up in unusual places: inside the closet, pushed under the couch or hidden behind a door. “Forgetting where in my house I last kicked off my slippers was driving me nuts,” Grant says. There’s nothing worse than padding around on a cold floor first thing in the morning, searching sleepily for your indoor footwear.

Until one day, it dawned on him: TrackR bravo.

“I used it so much last winter,” he says. “My kids just shake their heads at me and hope their friends don’t see me wearing them.”

What a great gift for Father’s Day! Don’t just get him new slippers – get him something to keep track of them, too. Make it extra special: Order your TrackR bravo with a special engraved message.

Slippers with TrackR bravo attached
TrackR bravo keeping his feet warm.