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Best of CES

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By Chris Herbert on August 12, 2015

Chris's Favorites of CES 2015

5) Misfit Swarovski

One of the main barriers techie products face from entering the mainstream is having the product actually look good! Many products are introduced and are...well...ugly.  (Our original tracker device was no exception)  To cross into the mainstream market, products have to look great. The Swarovski Misfit Shine is a beautiful piece of jewelery that also provides key metrics on fitness and performance.  Something that any woman can imagine wearing out on the town.

4) NEA Printer

The NEA 3d printer is an attractive 3d printer that is extremely small and at a great price ($499).  I believe that for 3d printing to make it to mainstream, price points must come down in a significant way from the $1300 makerbot standard.  NEA represents a significant improvement in the right direction without sacrificing quality.  This is one to watch.

3) Flexible Battery Technology

Geared for the wearables market, flexible battery technology is getting closer to reality and I saw some great demos at the show. The batteries can be incredibly thin and can be used in wristbands, fitness trackers, sleep monitors, and more! This battery technology really opens the door for innovations in the next 2 years.

2) Trackable Glasses

This is one that we tried a few years back with Glasses TrackR. Again we fell into the trap of having something ugly that wasn't ready for market. I saw some great trackable glasses with the technology fully embedded. This is one that everyone at TrackR is watching closely and can't wait to see if the design makes it to market.

1) MyFody Personal Weather Station

I'm biased here. As an avid kite surfer and surfer, I'm a weather geek. Always wondering what the conditions are at the beach. I always wished I could set up my own weather stations at the beach to know what the conditions were and if I should quickly drive down to the beach for a quick session. MyFody helps achieve that. They have a great piece of hardware however their app lacks cloud services. I was told cloud services are about 6 months away from being implemented. I think I know what I want for Valentine's Day!


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