{"title"=>"Tips for Recovering Lost Keys", "description"=>"These few quick and easy tips will help you to promptly locate your misplaced keys so you can be on your way. "} {"og:title"=>"Tips for Recovering Lost Keys", "og:description"=>"These few quick and easy tips will help you to promptly locate your misplaced keys so you can be on your way. ", "og:image"=>"https://trackr-images.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/production/posts/featured_images/000/000/048/large/keysindrawer.jpg?1439317407", "og:url"=>"tips-for-recovering-lost-keys"}

Tips for Recovering Lost Keys

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By Jessica Lam on August 10, 2015

Does this sound familiar? You are in a hurry to leave the house but cannot for the life of you find your keys. You start frantically searching high and low, but to no avail. What should you do next? Panic? Pray? Those options might seen a bit extreme. Instead, try these few quick and easy tips to help you promptly locate your misplaced keys so you can be on your way.



1) Search Carefully and Systematically.


Begin your search for the missing keys by looking carefully on or near the place where you put them most often. Perhaps they are hidden under a newspaper on the coffee table, or they dropped to the floor and are under the sofa.


Most objects are no more than 18 inches from where they are normally placed, so search systematically and resist the urge to rummage around!


Only after you have exhausted searching the locations where you most expect the keys to turn up, should you move on and continue the hunt elsewhere. It is not out of the realm of possibilities for your keys to have fallen out of your pocket or been placed absent-mindedly on the bathroom counter!


2) Retrace Your Steps


Stop and think where you might have put the keys the last time you used them. Retrace your steps and you might find that you left them in the car ignition after you parked or in the mailbox as you reached for a package, places you wouldn’t normally have thought to look!


It is important to stay relaxed and remain confident that you will find your keys. Don’t let the stress of the situation distract you! Focus and try to remember their last known location.

3) Use a TrackR.


The TrackR provides an alternative solution to manually searching for your lost keys. The TrackR device attached to your keys can help you locate them quickly and easily, avoiding lost time and frayed nerves. Paired with an app on your cell phone, the TrackR will signal the location of the missing keys and you will be on your way. 


If your keys are anywhere in your house or apartment, the distance indicator will show you they are near, and the beeper function will help you hone in on their exact location.


If the keys have gone missing in another location or have been stolen, TrackR will send updates using the Crowd GPS function to help you locate and recover them.


Losing keys is frustrating and can cost you more than just the time spent searching. Looking systematically, retracing your steps, or using a TrackR will help you to recover your keys quickly.


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- Caroline

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