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Crowd GPS Coverage Map

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By Chris Herbert on August 12, 2015

Since we announced our Crowd GPS technology in March 2013, people have wondered if it was feasible to use other phones to help recover lost items. People wondered if we would ever ship enough devices to reach critical mass so that Crowd GPS would be effective. To answer these questions, we have published a Crowd GPS coverage map on our website.

Our team has believed since day 1 that we could create an alternative network to normal GPS that would be more power efficient, lower cost, and result in smaller device sizes. Looking at the map, it’s apparent to us that we are on our way to achieve this mission and that our technology has the capability to revolutionize the GPS industry. We’ve heard user stories of recovering everything from lost keys to lost pets to stolen bikes.

More to come.

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Chris Herbert

 Chris started TrackR after almost losing his keys (and car) to the ocean in 2009.  Chris loves creating technology to help people stay more organized. You can reach him at @CGherb.