Unmade bed in winter

The Case of the Missing Slippers

Grant Hanson, TrackR’s VP of Global Sales, had a problem. His slippers kept turning up in unusual places: inside the closet, pushed under the couch or hidden behind a door. “Forgetting where in my house I last kicked off my slippers was driving me nuts,” Grant says. There’s nothing worse than padding around on a cold floor first thing in the morning, searching sleepily for your indoor footwear.

Pink analog alarm clock

A tribute to how moms help you stay on time

Moms have built-in alarm clocks.  It is, without a doubt, the most under-appreciated part of their job.

In addition to her own schedule, Mom kept track of everyone else’s schedule, too: sports practice, work functions, rehearsals, business trips and doctors’ appointments. It’s a lot of logistics.

How did she do it?

GeoZilla app on phone next to keys with TrackR bravo

GeoZilla works with TrackR

We are so excited to partner with GeoZilla, the family safety platform. Now GeoZilla users will be able to keep tabs on their family members and their TrackR-tracked items, as part of a single seamless experience.

Cross pens logo

Functional luxury that can never be lost

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Cross Peerless pen with embedded TrackR technology.

Cross pens are renowned around the world for their elegant design and excellent craftsmanship. Founded by jewelry makers in 1846, Cross fine writing instruments are visually stunning objects that also glide across paper and are easy to hold. Now the Cross PeerlessTrackR pen also gives you the luxury of never having to worry about where your pen is.

The Cross Peerless TrackR is available now on Cross.com and in retail stores throughout Europe and the US.

Check out their gorgeous video for a glimpse of this luxury item that’s always protected with TrackR.

Do’s and don’ts for naturally disorganized people

Some people are not just neat, but super duper organized.

We all know someone like that – the type of person who never complains about tidying up because they never let anything get messy in the first place.

Big bowl of cold cereal and milk

Improve your morning routine with your kids

When you have kids, getting everyone out of the house in one piece can be stressful, to say the least.

Fights about the bathroom. Tears for no reason at all.  Random dishes in the sink that need to be washed (how did all the spoons get dirty?).  

TrackR bravo on drone

5 tips for keeping track of your drone

Though technology has improved a lot, YouTube is still full of horror videos showing how easy it is to lose or wreck a drone in a matter of minutes.