About us

Our story

TrackR was founded on a sunny day when two engineering students at the University of California, Santa Barbara lost their car keys while surfing. The rising tide crept closer and closer to washing away their car parked in the sand. After hours of panic, and a bit of luck, they recovered their keys and saved the car.

After this stressful experience, they set out to end the search for lost items forever.

Find more. Search less.

At TrackR, we want you to spend less time looking for your stuff.

Instead of relying on your memory, you can rely on TrackR—and free up that mental space for more important things.

Everything you need is right here. In the app.

With TrackR, you don’t need to keep a running inventory in the back of your head. Whether you’re rushing out the door or traveling far from home, we’ve got you covered.

Download. Attach. Find.

Attach our small, lightweight Bluetooth trackers to whatever you need. Then keep track of it all with our simple app. Effortlessly.

It’s technology that lets you focus on life.