Moms have built-in alarm clocks.  It is, without a doubt, the most under-appreciated part of their job.

In addition to her own schedule, Mom kept track of everyone else’s schedule, too: sports practice, work functions, rehearsals, business trips and doctors’ appointments. It’s a lot of logistics.

How did she do it? Who knows. What’s clear is that you relied on her for so much more than a regular alarm clock. She not only got the family out the door on time, she made sure you left with everything you needed.

Let’s take a moment to recognize some of the overlooked ways Mom made sure you stayed on time.

Up and at ’em

Every mother has her own technique for waking her kids up. Some like to yell from the bedroom door, while others prefer a gentle shoulder nudge. Some moms throw open the curtains to flood the room with natural light. Where would you be today without Mom waking you up to go to school? You’d probably still be asleep.

Rain diviner

Everyone knows the old adage: If you bring an umbrella with you, it’s guaranteed not to rain. The exception? When the umbrella is being handed to you by Mom.

In between everything else that she’s doing, she tracks the weather like a professional meteorologist. Mom knows that even though it’s sunny right now, there’s a 70% chance of showers forecast for the afternoon. No need to check the weather. Listen to Mom, take the umbrella.

The most important meal

First thing in the morning, it’s a struggle to brush your teeth, let alone prepare food. Making breakfast is time consuming and requires some degree of hand-eye coordination. And yet, without breakfast, everything would be moving in slow motion. It’s a paradox! Thank goodness for Mom.

With all the ways that Mom helped us stay on time, wouldn’t it be great to give her something that could save her time, so she has one less thing to worry about?

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