They say it’s the thought that counts, but we all know that’s not really true. Looking for a creative alternative to candy and flowers on Valentine’s day?Read on for some fun ideas that are sure to impress your special someone.


Be tourists in your own town

A man and a woman holding hands in nature

Tell your Valentine to call in sick on February 14 and present her with an itinerary for the day. You can use Trip Advisor to look up the closest tourist attraction – you might be surprised to see what quirky hidden sights there are in your area. Have breakfast at a hotel restaurant. Rent a cool car and cruise around. Tour a local factory. Have cocktails in the middle of the day. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but having a plan to spend time together is a sure way to make your significant other feel special.


TrackR bravo

Gift box displaying two TrackR bravo devices

Does your boyfriend have an important item he’s constantly losing? Does your wife run around the house looking for her keys every morning? Has your spouse ever accused you of hiding the TV remote? A TrackR bravo could be your salvation. TrackR bravo is a Bluetooth tracking device that is small enough to attach to any item – keys, wallet, whatever. Next time something goes missing, she can use the TrackR app to make it ring or view its location on a map.

Make your TrackR bravo gift unique by customizing the device with a favorite photo. For inspiration, see our list of custom printing ideas.


A reenactment of your first date

Classic diner counter

Take her to the place where you had your first date. If it’s no longer around, just take him to the closest equivalent. For extra credit, wear the same outfit. It’s only cheesy if you tell your friends about it!



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