Who doesn’t love celebrating the patron saint of Ireland?

Although the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day is often lost on overzealous revelers, this unique holiday holds a dear place in many Irish (and non-Irish!) hearts. But many St. Patrick’s Days have been ruined by the experience of a lost wallet, keys, purse, etc. Such a tragedy can happen to anyone in the chaos of the celebrations.

Have you ever wondered what is most often lost on St. Patrick’s Day? Check out this list of the top 6 things you’re likely to lose while celebrating – and learn how TrackR can help track down your missing item.

1. Wallet

This is a big one. You might not lose your entire wallet, maybe it’s just your ID or your credit card. Best case scenario, you only left your credit card at the bar because you didn’t close your tab. Either way it’s still a giant pain to deal with the next day when you’d rather be in bed with Gatorade and Netflix. Many establishments are more than happy to hold on to your credit card and add a nice fee to it for failure to close your tab the night before. It’s the price you pay for an unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Keys

After a long night of celebrations, there is no worse horror than finally dragging yourself to your front door and finding out your keys are not in your pocket or purse. Your comfy bed is suddenly so close and yet so far. All of the snacks you told yourself you weren’t going to eat are now locked away in the kitchen begging to be eaten. Hopefully someone else is home to answer the door!

3. Phone

Remember when our phones were just phones? Yeah, me neither. Our phones are pretty much the center of our lives – they’re our alarm clock, music and video player, bank and so much more. A lost phone has a much more devastating effect than just a missed call or lost contact list. How will you live tweet the latest episode of The Bachelor without your phone? You better have a passcode on your phone so no one can unlock your phone.

4. Purse

I just don’t understand why fanny packs aren’t more popular. They conveniently attach to your body so you never have to worry about setting it somewhere, there’s plenty of space for all of your valuables and they provide a good buffer from bargoers who lack the concept of personal space. Losing a purse is a huge hassle not because of the purse itself, but because of all the valuables inside. Unless you’re willing to rock a fanny pack, you’re running the risk of setting down your purse and never seeing it again.

5. Clothing

This happens way more often than it should. Uncomfortable heels are tossed aside on the dance floor, jackets are left on chairs and tables, and all of the silly green hats, necklaces, etc. are abandoned at the end of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. You don’t want to be left wondering where your clothes are, and worse yet having to do the walk of shame to retrieve said clothes from the bar. That’s why you always should plan your outfits around the activity.

6. Friends

Crowded bars, confused directions, and lack of clear communication can make sticking together with your friends a nightmare on St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone has that one friend that has perfected the Irish Goodbye. The best advice is to let that friend mysteriously disappear and make a toast in their honor. And if you end up separated from your friends, don’t stress – you can make new St. Patrick’s Day friends and keep the celebrations going!

When you’re out celebrating with green beer and U2-heavy St. Patrick’s Day themed playlists, the last thing you want to have to worry about is losing your items. Luckily, TrackR can help!

You can put a TrackR device on your wallet, keys, or purse so you have peace of mind that your valuables are nearby. You can even set up Separation Alerts that will automatically notify you on the app when you are moving out of a preset range from your item. And in the event you lose your phone, just press the button on your TrackR device to ring your phone – even if it’s on silent!