It’s almost time for every parent’s favorite holiday – back to school!

Whether you’re sending your little one off to their first day of kindergarten, or dropping your eighteen year old off at their dorm – make sure your child has everything they need to succeed.

Here are six things your student needs for this upcoming school year.

1. Backpack

Get your student a backpack that not only looks good but also fits your budget. There are an infinite number of brands and styles to choose from. Check out brands that feature water and stain-resistant materials, good for rainy days – or if they’re caught in a food fight in the cafeteria!

2. Lunch box

The classic brown bag just doesn’t cut it these days. They’re not environmentally friendly and have led to many a squished sandwich. Nowadays there are lots of cool lunch boxes to choose from that feature special materials to keep food fresh.

3. Water bottle

It seems like school starts earlier and earlier every year. And while the heat of summer is still going strong, it’s especially important to keep your student hydrated. Get them a reusable water bottle so they can take water with them everywhere they go.

4. Calculator

I had no idea calculators were used for more than typing “hello” using numbers and playing snake. Turns out they’re super useful for math class! When your student moves on to higher level math class, a calculator is a must.

5. USB drive

In my day it was all about the floppy disc. Most kids these days have no idea what a floppy disc is and I suddenly feel rather old. Students are required to take work home with them so a reliable USB drive is a must. A USB drive is the perfect keychain-sized device that will help your student make sure they have their work with them at all times. You never know when a last minute project will need to be printed at the school library!

6. Phone charger

Today it’s a fact of life that at a certain age every kid ends up getting a phone. Make sure their phone is ready for any emergency by sending them off to school with an extra phone charger. Now you won’t have to worry that your younger student drained their battery playing Pokémon Go during school hours. And your college student won’t have that excuse for not calling you!

Now that your student has everything they need to make honor roll this year, make sure they don’t lose their new stuff! Attach a TrackR pixel on their backpack, lunchbox, calculator, and more. You can use the Family Sharing feature in the TrackR app to share your child’s tracked items with everyone in your family. Save 15% off all orders with promo code SCHOOL.

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