The new TrackR app works with your TrackR devices and your Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

Follow these easy tips to make sure you #AlwaysHaveIt. 

1. Turn Bluetooth® on.

iPhone screen with Bluetooth logo

Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on, so your TrackR device and phone can communicate with each other.


2. Turn Location Services on.

iPhone screen with Location icon toggle

Find your lost item by returning to its last known location – thanks to Location Services.


3. Leave the TrackR app open.

iPhone screen with TrackR app open in background

Ensure you can see your TrackR device’s last known location if you ever lose it. And if you lose your phone far from home, just ask Alexa where it is. You can use your phone normally while the TrackR app runs in the background.


4. Turn push notifications on.

iPhone screen with numeral 1

Lose an item far from home? Find out the instant the Crowd Locate network spots your item.


5. Refer your friends.

iPhone screen with family sharing logo

Help grow the Crowd Locate network! TrackR is more helpful, the more people around you have it. If your friend buys a TrackR device using your unique referral link, you’ll both receive a free TrackR device. Get your unique referral link at