4 tips to maximize your spring break

Whether you’re flying solo or with the family, spring is a great time to get away. Make the most out of your vacation with these tips.

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1. Research the area.

A well-prepared traveler is a happy one. To have a great trip, it’s all about research, research, research. Before you leave, look up weather, transportation options, and map out the local spots you want to visit. Knowing a general layout of the land and what essentials you’ll need means more time for happiness and less time for stress.

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2. Beat jet lag.

No one likes that sluggish feeling during vacation. And who wants to waste the first few days of a trip at less than 100%?  Start adjusting your sleep schedule to match your new time zone. When you arrive, do everything you can to either stay awake or go to sleep. Plus, sleep easy knowing where your valuables are when you use the TrackR pixel.

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3. Think like a local, not a spring-breaker.

When visiting a new place, it’s all too easy to fall for the typical tourist traps and miss out on special experiences. Instead of sticking to the beaten path, embrace the culture and your surroundings. Ask the locals what they like to do for fun. Chances are you’ll love their favorite café or restaurant more than the tourist destination. And finding those “hidden gems” will make your time even more memorable.

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4. Create a loose itinerary.

Avoid unpleasant last-minute surprises by making a few reservations in advance. Book the important things like transportation and hotels at key destinations and the must-sees on your list. But leave some room for spontaneity! You never know what show, market or landmark you’ll come across once you’re there.


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