By nature, mornings are unpredictable. Unexpected surprises, like discovering you’re out of coffeeor that your briefcase isn’t where you thought it was, can easily derail what would otherwise be a punctual departure.

Here are a few common morning shortcuts that at first glance seem like they’re saving you time, but are actually costing you time instead.

1. Getting coffee to go

Drawing of to-go coffee cup


While it’s certainly more expedient than sitting down in a coffee shop, getting coffee to go is more time consuming than brewing a pot at home.

Time consumed: Travel to coffee shop (2 minutes) + waiting in line, ordering, waiting (5 minutes) = 7 minutes

Alternative: Measure out coffee and water before heading to bed. In the morning, just press the button on your coffeemaker as soon as you open your eyes. By the time you’ve finished brushing your teeth, your caffeine will be ready.


filter coffee machine


2. Checking your email

Don’t do this. Inevitably there will be something to respond to.

Time consumed: Reading your email (5 minutes) + responding (5 – 30 minutes) = 10 – 40 minutes.

Alternative: If you take public transportation, save checking email for your commute. If there’s something super urgent waiting in your inbox, you should probably be in the office on time anyway! And if you drive to work, adjust your departure time to beat the traffic. Then you can get to the office early…and have more time for emails.


3. Brushing your teeth in the shower


Drawing of pink toothbrush with toothpaste


At some point you do have to put down the toothbrush to soap up or rinse off — simply standing under the shower doesn’t cut it! You also probably drop the toothpaste tube at least once.

Time consumed: Transporting toothbrush to shower (30 seconds) + dropping toothpaste and picking it up, balancing it on bathtub edge (30 seconds) = 1 minute.

Alternative: Brush your teeth while picking out what you’re going to wear. You don’t need two hands to do this: the idea is to just visually assess what’s in your closet. Furthermore, the act of brushing will help you concentrate and make a better wardrobe decision.


4. Keeping track of your keys, wallet and phone


Drawing of hand holding cell phone


This last one isn’t a concrete action, but more of an overall approach. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we’re so used to keeping a running inventory in our heads of where we last had our important personal items.

But the truth is, keeping up this mental database is time consuming, not to mention exhausting. When you’re running around the house in the morning, remembering where you left things wastes mental energy. Energy that could be better spent on more critical tasks.

Time consumed: Incalculable.

Alternative: Attach a TrackR bravo to your keys and slide a TrackR wallet into your bag. When you’re ready to head out the door, just ring your keys and wallet from your phone, using the TrackR app. Can’t find your phone? Press the button on your TrackR device and make your phone ring.


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