4 daily habits for a more organized home

With a new season upon us, now is a great time to “spring” into action to create daily habits that will lead to less stress and improved productivity. Check out these easy hacks to help make your home more organized.


Made up bed in bedroom

1. Make your bed first.

It’s hard enough to roll out of the bed, let alone do chores in the morning. But there’s something about an unmade bed that creates a domino effect of disorganization. Make your bed first, and you’ve set the tone for your entire morning with a simple accomplishment.


Shoes, bag phone and watch organized neatly

2. Set out everything you’ll need for the next day.

There is just nothing worse than having to hunt for misplaced items first thing in the morning. Make getting out of the house an easier experience by organizing yourself the night before. And using TrackR pixel to keep track of your essentials will help you spend less time searching for a lost set of keys or a missing phone.

Woman washing dishes in kitchen sink

3. Clean up while you cook.

Cooking can be fun, but dealing with the mess afterwards can be daunting. So clean as you go! Multitask while your food is on the stove: put dishes you’ve already used into the sink, and start soaking any greasy pans. You’ll cut down a lot on clean-up time after your meal by washing a few dirty utensils or cookware before even sitting down to eat.

Towels rolled up in basket

4. Give everything a place.

Put away any towels, hair products, toothbrushes, or makeup after use. Designate areas to help keep rooms clutter free. Giving your stuff a home makes tidying up easier, not to mention fun. If your built-in storage spaces aren’t optimal, don’t fret. Invest in some containers and baskets to stash stuff out of sight. They’re not just convenient, they look better, too.

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