Our 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

He taught you how to ride your bike. He took you to your first ball game. He has the worst jokes. He was there for every high and low in life. We’re talking about your one and only dad. Tired of giving your dad the same old ties, golf shoes or coffee mugs every year? Check out our suggestions for Father’s Day gifts he’ll actually love.

Traditional Father’s Day gifts – with a twist.

Here are a few gifts we think fall into the category of “traditional” Father’s Day gifts – but with a techie touch.

Cross Peerless TrackR Pen

Cross Peerless TrackR pen

Does your dad love writing? Or at least signing his name? Help your father take his talent to the next level with a Peerless TrackR pen from Cross. This isn’t the pen you accidentally steal from the bank. This pen gives your dad all the luxury of a high-end ballpoint pen without the fear of it getting lost, left behind, or stolen. The Peerless pen is embedded with TrackR technology so you can ring your pen or, if it’s far away, see its last known location.

Ekster Parliament + Tracker Wallet

Ekster the trackable wallet and smartphone app

Is it just me, or does every dad have a bloated wallet full of old business cards, expired credit cards, and random pieces of paper? Help your father get organized with the Ekster Parliament + Tracker wallet. This slim bi-fold wallet maximizes storage without added bulk.

Gadget-Dad gifts

Is your dad the kind of guy to have a hack or a trick for every problem? These problem-solving gifts are sure to tickle his fancy.

Keyport Slide 3 Multi Tool

Keyport multi tool in someone's hand

This is for the MacGyver dad whose pockets are way too full of tools, keys, and other gadgets. The Keyport Slide 3 helps your dad cut down on bulk by combining all of his everyday items into a single sleek multi-tool. Your dad can mix and match to build the best combination for his needs.

Issara Weekender Duffel Bag

Issara weekender bag

Help your on-the-go dad travel in style – and keep track of his stuff. The luxurious weekender duffle bag from Issara is handcrafted from milled full grain leather, comes in three stylish colors and has lots of pockets so your dad will stay organized while traveling. And the best part? You can purchase it with an embedded TrackR, so lost luggage is never a problem Dad has to worry about.

TrackR pixel

TrackR pixel or tie – which is a better Father's Day gift?

Is your dad prone to misplacing his keys, tools, and more? Get him the gift that keeps on giving – TrackR pixel. It’s a small, lightweight Bluetooth tracker that rings and lights up so you can find anything, even in the dark. And if your dad has trouble finding his phone, he can press the button on TrackR pixel to make his phone ring loudly – even on silent!

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