10 items you will always find in the Lost and Found at school

Believe it or not, the new school year is practically here! Luckily, there’s still time to get all of the essential items your student needs to succeed this school year.

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those school supplies that don’t seem to find their way home at the end of the school year? Find out what are the 10 most common items that wind up in the Lost and Found box at school.

1. Lunchbox

Think of all the time spent comparing various lunchboxes – after all, it has to be the right color or it isn’t cool! Hopefully, the lunchboxes left behind at school aren’t full of old lunches.

2. Keys

lost and found keys

Almost every student reaches the age where they should be responsible enough to be entrusted with a set of their very own house keys. The pile of keys in the Lost and Found box proves how many students couldn’t handle the responsibility!

3. Water bottle

Like any good parent, all you want is for your student to stay hydrated. So you send them off with a durable, environmentally-friendly water bottle. It’s such a sad fate for your good intentions.

4. Jackets

Chilly weather and even colder classrooms make a jacket a must-have for students during the school year. But when the weather starts warming up and summer vacation is just around the corner, jackets are the first thing to be left behind.


5. Umbrellas

lost and found

All you’re asking is that your child doesn’t come home a sopping mess on a rainy day. Umbrellas are a great idea until they turn out to be yet another item left behind at school after the rain subsides.

6. Cellphone

It seems like the age where a child gets their first cell phone is younger and younger every year. I didn’t have my first phone until I was in high school and it was immediately stolen at school. Odds are your child will be just as distraught as you over the missing phone.

7. School ID

lost and found school id

Many schools are adopting a lanyard and school ID combo to help keep their students accounted for. Unfortunately, this is just another item that tends to find its way to the Lost and Found box. The good news about losing their school ID is that your student has a second chance at their ID picture!

8. Toy

Whether it’s a favorite toy for show and tell or smuggled contraband like a fidget spinner, plenty of toys end up in the Lost and Found.

9. Textbook

About halfway through the school year, lots of textbooks go missing from classrooms and lockers. And at the end of the year, every student hopes their missing textbook is hiding in the Lost and Found.

10. Backpack

back to school

It takes a serious commitment to the slacker lifestyle for an entire backpack to end up in the Lost and Found. These Lost and Found backpacks are either an empty shell of their former selves or so jam-packed with every kind of trash that it’s about to explode.

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